DIE ONGEREGISTREERDE BOUER EN ONTWIKKELAAR – EN DIE HUISVERBRUIKER Daar is vandag talle ongeregistreerde bouers en ontwikkelaars wat in die bedryf van die bou van huise is en dan is daar ook soveel huisverbruikers (hierna verwys as “die Verbruiker”) wat hulself bevind is ‘n posisie waar die bouer of ontwikkelaar van hul huis baie swak […]


Bitcoin What happens to my Bitcoins when I die? 08 March 2018   “I’ve started buying Bitcoins as a form of investment. I am aware that is a virtual currency and that different rules apply to Bitcoins. But I’m know starting to wonder how I can ensure that I transfer my Bitcoins to my heirs […]

water meter

water meter Who must prove that the water meter is not working? 16 November 2017   “I’ve really tried to cut down on my water consumption and over the last year it‘s been very low. However, over the past 3 months my municipal water accounts suddenly more than tripled. Knowing this cannot be right I […]